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Super food teff for high-protein, low-carb pasta

23 Feb 2016 (food Pasta made from teff - a nutritious gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat. Read »

Dietary Fiber Intake in Young Women Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

01 Feb 2016 (nutrition insight). Study found that breast cancer risk was 12% to 19% lower among women who ate more dietary fiber in early adulthood. High intake of fiber during adolescece was associated with 16% to 24% lower risk of breast cancer. Read more »

Insoluble fibre to lower blood pressure

03 Sep 2015 (G.S. Aljuraiban e.a.: Total, insoluble and soluble dietary fibre intake in relation to blood pressure: the INTERMAP Study. » British Journal of Nutrition, doi:10.1017/S0007114515003098

see WHITE*STAR advanced oat fibres / AOF Hafer-Ballaststoffe

YOU're getting enough Fibre?

15 Jul 2015 (nutrition insight). Daily fiber intake is essential for good health, helping to control cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, insulin and excess weight. Added fiber, like fiber-fortified bread, cereals, yogurt and pasta increase the chances of achieving the health benefits of a high-fiber diet. Read »

Gluten-free boom in Europe continues

15 Jun 2015 (food Read »

Teff for Baked Goods - more Protein, more Calcium, more Fiber..

04 Jun 2015 (food As a superfood, teff's sales potential is outpacing quinoa. The ancient grain boasts 50% more protein, 25% more calcium and five times more fiber than brown rice.
Read more about this appealing ancient grain »

Ancient Grains

9 Apr 2015 Ancient grains in new global product launches increased by 32% from 2013 to 2014 .. Innova Market Insights April 2015;

Cereal Fibre - Protective part of our diets

31 Mar 2015 Dietary fibres have specific and unique impacts on intestinal microbiota composition and metabolism.
(T. Huang e.a.: BMC Medicine 2015, 13.59 - doi:10.1186/s12916-015-0294-7) ..Study »

Eat Oats for Heart Health

18 Mar 2015 (nutrition insight). AVE (avenanthramide - found only in oats - plays an important role to protect the heart). All benefits of AVE »

Oat Beta-Glucan fights cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease

20 Oct 2014 (bakery and FDA allows a health claim on reduced risk of heart disease, while EFSA has published a positive health claim (article 14) on the cause and effect of oat beta-glucan lowering cholesterol. A 13.1 article claim was approved related to maintenance of normal blood LDL-cholesterol concentrations. Read on »

Cholesterol-lowering effect of Oat Beta-Glucan

20 Oct 2014 (nutrition insight). Lowering cholesterol to reduce cardiovascular risk is an accepted lifestyle modification recommended by European and US guidelines. Health claims regarding the association between cholesterol lowering and soluble fiber from at least 3g per day oat beta-glucan have been approved by food agencies worldwide, including EFSA and FDA. Read abstract »

Oats and Barley: Health Benefits

25 Jun 2014 (nutrition insight). Oats and barley are ancient food crops known for their durability, versatility and healthful attributes. Both have high levels of protein, fiber and beta-glucan. There is now evidence that oats and barley significantly reduce cholesterol levels and moderate blood glucose concentrations after a meal. Read »

Fiber foods - global sales / Ballaststoffe - Marktausblick 2018

15 May 2014 (food »

High-fiber bread is popular to deliver health benefits - from heart to digestive health

15 May 2014 (bakery and Read.. »

Heart-attack patients on fiber diet live longer

30 Apr 2014 (nutrition insight). Heart-attack survivors live for a further nine years if they follow a high-fibre diet. Read more »

Lime-Guaraná-Açai beer mix from Wild

24 Mar 2014 ( Beer mixes continue to meet the beverage trend of "in vogue". According to the GfK Consumer Scan, the segment is still experiencing new kinds of taste creations and non-alcoholic varieties. Read »

Malt beverages / Malzgetränke

Whole Grains - EU-definition

5 Feb 2014 (bakery and What makes whole grains whole?
Definition »

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease

29 Jan 2014 (food Almost a third of the population has a genetic predisposition to celiac diesease. Dr Fasano explains why »

Understand how bacteria digest fibers ..

20 Jan 2014 (NutritionHorizon). Research »

Whole Grain Cereals and Fiber

14 Jan 2014 Functional foods vs 'whole' foods
M. Reicks et al.: Nutrition Research Journal »

Dietary Fiber and Colon Health

17 Jan 2014 (Food Ingredients 1st). Bacteria in the colon thrive on fiber and its digestion produces butyrate (SFCA), which prompts immune cells to suppress inflammation, a factor in a number of painful conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and colorectal cancer. More »

Dietary Fibers Protect Against Asthma

07 Jan 2014 (NutritionHorizon). Fiber is fermented in the intestine into short-chain fatty acids (SFCA). These acids then enter the bloodstream and influence the development of immune cells in then bone marrow which the wander into the lungs and trigger a weaker allergic response. Read summary »

Wolfgang Hirn: Der Kampf ums Brot

Der Kampf ums Brot (W. Hirn 2010, ISBN 3596183286)

Unaufhaltsam steuern wir auf eine globale Verknap­pung der Roh­stoffe zu, die wir für unsere Ernäh­rung benötigen.

senkendes Brot

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